Milady's so glad I knew ya!

Okay, so I take it back. The thing about not drinking for 7 days. I was (still am) on this 7-day purification but yesterday I had to take a “TV timeout”.  The old-school, supreme dive bar I practically lived in during the 90s served its last pint and its final plate of cheese fries last night. Yesterday, friends, regulars, and curiosity seekers joined together to wish Milady’s Bar a final goodbye.

Milady’s, in Soho, has been around for more than 50 years. When my roommates and I moved to Sullivan Street from Hoboken we could barely afford our apartment let alone the fancy, upscale places that surrounded us in our shiny new neighborhood.  Our apartment was really too small to comfortably hang out in so one day we found ourselves drawn to a slightly worn looking haunt around the corner and never looked back.


When it was too hot in our apartment, we went to Milady’s, when we didn’t feel like watching a movie on the television propped up on our microwave, we went to Milady’s, when there was something to celebrate, when someone was feeling down, and when it was just a Tuesday night and we felt like being around friendly, down to earth, like-minded people, we went to Milady’s. We made friends, we laughed, we cried, we shared some really momentous times there.

Truth be told, it had been awhile since we got the old gang out for a night at Milady’s. You know, jobs get crazy, kids come along, life just happens. There were a few times when we even walked by and thought about going in, but just kept walking, getting the sense that the place had moved on from us, or us from that place. But we all dropped what we were doing yesterday to congregate one last time at this beloved institution.

Some people are confused as to why this place holds such a special place in our hearts. The people that make comments such as “Milady’s was nothing special” or a “shithole” just don’t get it. These people didn’t go there and that’s precisely why we liked it. Milady’s certainly wasn’t trying to make inventive food, or elaborate cocktails, or even anything close to that. It was just a place, to borrow from Cheer’s, where everybody knew your name and they were always glad you came.

Milady’s R.I.P.


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