New Arrivals, Coming Soon, & Summer Must Trys July 9, 2014

Well, it is a good day -- and good wine always makes a good day even better. Just because it's summer doesn't mean there's not exciting new stuff to try here at the shop. I mean, you wouldn't want us to get all bored while you're off on vacation sipping wine on the veranda or throwing back Caipirinhas (sorry Brazil) in your beach chair.  Oh, you're not doing that stuff? Well, let us bring summer to you with new wines, new formats, and fun, free tastings!

New Arrivals:
2012 Habit La Encantada Pinot Noir Santa Barbara($54.99) - Super limited Pinot Noir from one of the coolest sites in the region -- and one of the coolest winemakers we know, Jeff Fischer. Gorgeous.
2011 Hunt & Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley($27.99) - Nicely priced, well-structured, food-friendly Napa Cabernet from Dan O'Brien, formerly of Cultivar Wines. 

Coming Soon (as in early next week):
2012 Salinia 25 Reasons Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc($22.99) - Two words: Petillant Naturel (Pet Nat for short). Petillant in French refers to the light bubble (about half the pressure of Champagne) and Naturel refers to the fact that no sugar or yeast is added and the carbon dioxide (bubble) is naturally released during primary fermentation. Let's just say, put down that fancy beer and pick up this addictively refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from Mendocino.
2011 Enfield Wine Tempranillo Shake Ridge Vineyard Amador ($39.99) - Our first wine from this exciting new producer intrigued us all upon tasting it. Juicy blue fruits and lots of character. Please pass the duck rillette.

Five California Wines To Try This Summer:
2013 Matthiasson Rose Napa ($24.99) - Get over it; pink wine is hot (as in cool) and it's time to take it seriously. This beauty is technically more peach in color but t's delicate, flavorful, complex, and even pairs well with notoriously difficult foods such as asparagus and vinaigrettes
2013 Massican Sauvignon Napa ($29.99) - We love all of winemaker Dan Petroski's Massican wines but for summer nights, this bright and minerally Sauvignon Blanc just screams to be drunk by the sea, paired with things from the sea. 
2013 La Marea Albarino Monterey County ($26.99) - This fresh and aromatic white will make you a believer in Albarino from California. If you're grilling your seafood or adding some spice, look no further. 
2013 Edmunds St. John Bone Jolly Gamay Noir El Dorado($22.99) - I've said it before and I'll say it again, this wine made me a Gamay lover and now there's no stopping the romance. Trust us and put a little chill on it to get the party started.
2013 Broc Cellars Love Red  ($26.99) - Another summer red that deserves a chill, we went through more than a few bottles of this very pretty Grenache-based wine while watching the World Cup. We did leave you some; your welcome.

Five Non-California Wines To Try This Summer:
2013 Domaine Vincent Ricard Le P'tit Rose France ($15.99) - A graceful Rose from the Loire Valley made from Gamay and Cabernet Franc. Fresh and fruity , it's a great foil for your lobster roll of choice. 
2012 Etz Gruner Veltliner Austria ($14.99) - You need to have a Liter of Gruner in your life this summer, and this clean, fresh, zesty example is a real steal.
2012 Estelle Sauvion Muscadet France ($16.99) - This Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine from the Loire is seriously one of the most interesting examples we have ever tasted. Oysters, mussels, and then more oysters -- the brinier the better. 
2012 Strehn Blaufrankish Austria ($16.99) - A juicy, bursting-with-fruit red wine that you really need to invite to your next picnic, roof party, or backyard barbecue. 
2011 Lanza Bardolino Italy ($14.99) - Picture yourself on the shores of Lake Garda, sipping the perfect Italian summer red wine while indulging in a bowl of pasta. Light, bright, and the perfect "escape".

Tetra-Paks (AKA Adults Juice Boxes) Are Here:
If you haven't noticed, we have liter and half liter tetra paks of wine for your summer fun. They're light, convenient, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, the juice is good. Choose from Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Italian White, or Italian Red. All under $15 bucks.


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