A brief note on our Shipping and Handling charges:
--Our Shipping & Handling charges are ALWAYS stated separately from the price of the wine.
--We ALWAYS offer the option to have the wine picked up at our shop, instead of having it shipped.
--The price of the wine is ALWAYS the same regardless of whether it is picked up or shipped.
--No additional “profit” is earned on our Shipping and Handling charges.
    Local Area FREE Delivery available for all orders over $20.
    Fedex Ground to everywhere else. Same day courier is available, please call about rates.
    International Unavailable

    Local Area - FREE for all orders over $20.00.
    Our local delivery area includes:
    South of Chambers Street on the West Side of Manhattan.
    South of Brooklyn Bridge on the East side of Manhattan.

    All non local deliveries are shipped using Fedex - Ground, 2-Day or Next Day - and Fedex delivery charges apply. Rates are calculated at checkout. We provide a real time shipping rate calculation based on your order. Tracking numbers are available and provided via e-mail once the order has been processed.

    To make it easier for our customers who may not realize the laws of their states, we will only ship to the following states: NY, FL, DC.
    *Spirits can not be shipped at all.*

    Unless you live in the Northeast, we discourage you from selecting "Ground Service" as your shipping method. During peak winter and summer months, weather conditions and longer delivery times may result in spoilage. 

    We do not offer international shipping at this time. 

    As an added benefit to our customers, we provide an in-store pickup option akin to a “Will-Call” pickup of tickets at a theater or sporting event. You may purchase any item and leave it in-store for pickup by you at a later time. Items held for in-store pickup can be purchased through any of our sales channels be it in-store, online, app, or over the phone.

    Since we have limited space for these items, the only caveat is that we can only hold your items in Will-Call for four (4) months from the time of purchase. After which, it is deemed that you have abandoned the items and we will remove them from the Will-Call holding area. Fear not! We will remind you on occasion that we are holding items in Will-Call for your pick-up and we will make every effort to contact you regarding your order(s) before we dispose of the items.

    Here's the legalese (We know, right!?! but you'd be surprised how litigious people get over a couple bottles of wine!) you agree to when leaving items in our 'Will-Call" in-store pick up facility with us after you have purchased goods from us:

    • You agree that you have accepted the goods and that The Corkery has provided the goods to you. Regardless of the method used to purchase your items, buyer assumes ownership of and title to any goods purchased at the point of sale, which is in our retail shop at 15 Bridge Street, New York, NY 10004.
    • You agree that The Corkery will then hold the goods for you, as bailee, for a limited amount of time at our facilities. You agree, however, that if the goods are not collected within 120 days of the date of purchase, The Corkery may sell or otherwise dispose of any of the goods which you fail to remove from the in-store pick up facility at the end of the 120 days from the date of purchase.
    • You hereby release and hold harmless The Corkery, its agents, assigns and employees now, and in the future, from any liability that may have been incurred by any removal and/or disposal of any property from the 'Will-Call" in-store pick up facility.
    Buyer assumes ownership of and title to any goods purchased at the point of sale, which is in our retail shop at 15 Bridge Street, New York, NY 10004. The customer is responsible for determining the legality and tax/duty consequences of having wine or spirits shipped to him or her and for abiding by local laws pertaining to such shipment. 

    All goods are supplied from New York and must be paid for in full prior to delivery. The title passes to the buyer in New York. All shipping, insurance and handling charges, if any, are to be paid by the buyer. New York sales tax is payable on all taxable goods delivered in New York.

    Some U.S. states impose limitations on the quantity of alcoholic beverages that may be purchased and brought into their jurisdiction by a buyer from another state. The Corkery does not, as a condition of sale, assume any obligation nor bear any responsibility for applying or obtaining any permits or licenses pertaining to these restrictions or regulations. We recommend that you investigate the possibility of such limitations and determine the manner in which alcoholic beverages shall be brought into your state from New York so as to comply with all of your state requirements. Shipping for out-of-state orders is contracted for solely by the customer with the common carrier, which The Corkery engages on behalf of the customer.

    By placing an order with the Corkery, the customer affirms that he or she is 21 years of age or older, that the goods ordered are being shipped to this same customer, and that the receiver of the goods will be prepared to present identification verifying that his or her age is at least 21 years. The Corkery does not sell to minors.

    In order to protect wines from being damaged, we may hold shipments during severe weather conditions. If you require an immediate shipment or have any specific shipping questions or concerns please contact us at 212-785-7285.