Hello friends,

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering why the name at the top of the page is “the Corkery” instead of “California Wine Merchants.”  Well, fear not, because we are very pleased to announce that California Wine Merchants has officially become the Corkery!

So what’s changed? Lots, and all good stuff! If you’re familiar with our store, you may remember that we closed for some renovations not long ago, and that ever since we reopened with a beautiful new look, our selection of wines and spirits has been diversifying and growing as well. Not only that, but our long time general managers, siblings Darek and Joanna, are now the owners as well! What does this mean for you? It means that the now family owned and operated Corkery will be offering an even greater selection of wines and spirits, with even more competitive prices, brought to you by the same knowledgeable and awesome staff you know and trust.

What to look for in the months ahead? We have lots of great changes still to come. For one thing, while we still love California wines, we are busily tasting and selecting wines from all different countries around the world for inclusion into our distinctive array of offerings. We are expanding our inventory, but we are doing so in such a way as to make sure that only the best wines end up on our shelves.  Look for prized vintages and everyday greats from places like Australia, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand and many others. And it’s not just our wine selection that’s growing. We now have a broader selection of spirits including acclaimed Japanese whiskies. We’re also adding different styles of wines, like Sake, Port, Grappa and many others. Look for special tastings of these delectable additions in months ahead. We are updating to state of the art POS and we will even be introducing mobile technology to make your shopping experience as versatile and convenient as possible.

We are crazy excited looking forward to all of this, and we hope you are too!

The Corkery Team